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Swiss Army Triplets Vol. 1


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Swiss Military Tambours, Stabsadj Philipp Rütsche. Nach den erfolgreichen Einspielungen der Tambouren-CDs Feuerwerk 1 und 2 ist es ...

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Following the successful recordings of the Feuerwerk 1 and 2 drumming CDs, it is time to produce a new CD series. The title «Swiss Army Triplets» symbolises the rudiment on which the Swiss ordnance drum style was originally based, the Ordonnanz-Triole, which is well known throughout the world. During the six drummer training courses between 2015 and 2017, we recorded a wide selection of traditional marches, modern drum compositions and entertaining, polyphonic literature for drum and percussion instruments. Throughout my 20 years of service as a drum instructor with Swiss Military Music, I have been in the privileged position of being able to work with the best and most talented drummers in Switzerland. This fantastic CD results from that fruitful cooperation. Swiss drumming has developed enormously over the past two decades. Drumming has become ever more popular, attracting the attention of a wider public thanks to its precision, virtuosity, dynamism and intricate stroke combinations. Drumming continues to develop thanks to the excellent cooperation with the composers, all of them former or active military drummers, whose creativity drives this music forward to new heights. I hope that you have as much pleasure listening to these new compositions as we have had recording them with the Amos recording studio. I would like to thank Theo Fuog for his many long years of support in recording Swiss military music. My thanks also go to the young talented recruits of recent years who have given this CD a personal touch. [Stabsadj Philipp Rütsche]

Stabsadj Philipp Rütsche
Stabsadj Philipp Rütsche

Flight 16-80Dominique Magnin01:40
Dr LockvogelIvan Kym02:33
GremlinsIvan Kym02:42
RanascaIvan Kym05:26
Il PhänomenoIvan Kym05:19
AresMarc Hobi02:23
Les (t)roisMarc Hobi02:56
Team SpiritMichael Knobel03:51
EnobileJan Künzle04:19
AramisPhilipp C. Meyer02:32
Bombers CoachPhilipp C. Meyer02:44
CrocodilesPhilipp C. Meyer04:00
Oh Johnny!Philipp C. Meyer04:21
On TiptoesPhilipp C. Meyer04:47
MarciavantiRoberto di Martino01:43
MojitoRoberto Di Martino03:31
PepitoRoman Lombriser02:12
LibérationRoman Lombriser02:53
MiraculixRoman Lombriser04:45
ParcoursStefan Freiermuth02:35
PoseidonStefan Freiermuth02:31
SüdStefan Hösli02:27

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